Aaron and John talk about the Twins playing home games in between snowouts, the Fernando Rodney Experience, the John Bonnes College Experience, changing plans for Phil Hughes, reports that Byron Buxton, Jose Berrios, and Max Kepler turned down contract extensions, bullpen leverage, agreeing to do one book signing, and drinking beer at Chapel Brewing. Sponsored by Delaware North, Casper Mattresses, Seatgeek, and Draft

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Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins' opening weekend series against the Orioles, Paul Molitor's in-game decision-making, scoreless starts from Jake Odorizzi, Kyle Gibson, and Jose Berrios, the Kennys Vargas waiver wire saga, Ryan LaMarre's surprising path to a roster spot, and getting the red-ass about bunting. Sponsored by Delaware North, Simple Contacts, Harry's Razors & Pick and Shovel

Direct download: ep_362_Opening_Day.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 9:50pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the impact of Jorge Polanco's suspension, preview the 2018 Minnesota Twins season, review John's brush with Olympic curling greatness, "bet" on the rest of the AL Central and revel in Aaron's new life as a book distributor. Sponsored by Pick and Shovel, Seatgeek, RxBar & Brady Mason

Direct download: Ep_361_Twins_Season_Preview.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 1:10pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins cutting Kennys Vargas loose and acquiring Jake Cave from the Yankees, clarifying the fifth starter competition, and previewing the AL East and AL West divisions by way of Las Vegas over/under lines. Sponsored by Sota Stick, Away Travel and Casper Mattresses

Direct download: 2018_Over-Under_Pt_1.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 12:55pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins signing Lance Lynn to a contract no one could have expected at the beginning of the offseason, John's two weeks at Twins spring training, releasing Anibal Sanchez, the payroll rising to $130 million, grading the Twins' entire offseason, long-term contracts for Byron Buxton and company, and stacking the AL Central with sleeper agents. Sponsored by Bombfell and Seatgeek

Direct download: Ep_359_Lance_Lynn.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 5:40pm EST

Aaron and John chat with Twins Director of Baseball Operations Daniel Adler over beers at Modist Brewing. Sponsored by Harry's Razors

Direct download: Ep_358_Daniel_Adler_Twins_Director_of_Baseball_Operations.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 4:00pm EST

Aaron and John conduct an emergency long-distance podcast about the Minnesota Twins signing Logan Morrison and then go back to talking about various other topics, including listener questions. Sponsored by Sota Stick and Bark Box.

Direct download: Episode_357_Logan_Morrison.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 7:09pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins signing Jake Odorizzi and Anibal Sanchez, not signing Yu Darvish, Jermaine Palacios' scouting report, the value of reverse splits, old friends Trevor Plouffe and Hector Santiago finding new MLB homes, projected payroll levels, the impact of Josh Kalk, and the state of the Twins' starting rotation. Sponsored by Pick and Shovel Wear and Casper Matresses

Direct download: Ep_356_Jake_Odorizzi_and_Anibal_Sanchez.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 3:05pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Ervin Santana's finger surgery, Trevor May, Tyler Duffey, and the Twins' other in-house options for replacing Santana in the rotation, the price tag to acquire Chris Archer, how to look good, PECOTA comps for Miguel Sano and other prominent Twins, drinking beer at Modist Brewing, how to make Valentine's Day plans, the Twin Cities' best restaurants, and mailbag questions from listeners.

Direct download: Ep_355.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 2:20pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Super Bowl week in Minnesota, watching the Eagles' victory in person, debating the slow offseason's causes, recapping the Minneanalytics Sportcon event, and revealing Baseball Prospectus' PECOTA projections for Minnesota Twins players and the overall team. Sponsored by Harry's Razors.

Direct download: Ep_354_Super_Bowl_And_PECOTA.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 10:00am EST






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