Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton's slump, the vibes in the Twins clubhouse, taking the long-term view with short-term decisions, Devin Smeltzer's place on the roster, and telling managers about promo codes.

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Aaron and John talk about Carlos Correa returning, Royce Lewis being sent back to Triple-A, Byron Buxton getting days off, Alex Kirilloff trying to get right in St. Paul, and Chris Paddack having elbow surgery.

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Aaron and John talk about Chris Paddack's elbow problem, Yennier Cano's debut, the Twins getting swept by the Astros, the roster having a Triple-A feel because of so many injuries, the odds of Royce Lewis sticking around, and Alex Kirilloff's struggles.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins' streak of one-run wins, Carlos Correa's injury and Royce Lewis' debut, Jose Miranda stepping in for Miguel Sano, Gilberto Celestino swimming instead of sinking, and Josh Winder and Jhoan Duran remaking the pitching staff on the fly.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins' rise to first place in the AL Central, Aaron's return from the injured list, Jose Miranda's big-league debut, Miguel Sano's knee injury, Jhoan Duran's first chance in the closer role, and how this team is starting to resemble the early 2000s version.

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