Aaron and John are joined by special guests Patrick Reusse and Glen Perkins at Twins Daily's 2023 Winter Meltdown.

Direct download: Meltdown_2023.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:40am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins' controversial trade of Luis Arraez for Pablo Lopez. 

Direct download: Trading_Luis_Arraez_for_Pablo_Lopez.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:26pm EST

Aaron and John talk Carlos Correa. And then more Carlos Correa.

Direct download: Carlos_Correa.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:33pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the ongoing Carlos Correa saga, the Twins possibly adding a veteran right-handed bat, what to make of interest in starting pitchers, why the trade market is suddenly very important, and how more bullpen help is warranted as options dwindle.

Direct download: More_Moves_Are_Coming.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:33am EST

Aaron and John talk about the latest in the ongoing Carlos Correa contract saga, the Twins signing Joey Gallo and why it makes a trade likely, what's left on the free agent market to even spend on, and how Taylor Rogers and Willians Astudillo got paid.

Direct download: Schroedingers_Shortstop_and_Joey_Gallo.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:24pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Carlos Correa signing with the Giants and Christian Vázquez signing with the Twins, and everything else that happened during a wild week in MLB.

Direct download: Carlos_Correa_and_Christian_Vazquez.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:11pm EST

Aaron and John talk about MLB's wild, billion-dollar Winter Meetings, what it all means for the Twins and Carlos Correa, the ongoing search for a veteran catcher, Dansby Swanson, Carlos Rodón, and other fallback plans, and which Twins could be on the trade block. 

Direct download: Ep_607_Winter_Meeting_Brain_Dump.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:08pm EST

Aaron and John are joined by MLB.com's Do-Hyoung Park to discuss Joe Pohlad taking over as Twins Executive Chair, the Twins' chances of signing Carlos Correa, and Do's second Jeopardy appearance.

Direct download: Ep_606_Do_and_Joe_Pohlad.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 6:59am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' ongoing efforts to re-sign Carlos Correa, why they're also making a push to bring in a veteran catcher, and the belief that the AL Central looks as winnable as ever right now.

Direct download: Correa_Catchers_and_Conquering_the_Central.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:30pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins trading for shortstop Kyle Farmer, trading away third baseman Gio Urshela, bringing back reliever Emilio Pagan, and unveiling new uniforms.

Direct download: Farmer_Urshela_Pagan_and_New_Twins_Uniforms.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:59am EST

Aaron and John talk about the free-agent pitching market and whether the Twins should go all-in for someone like Carlos Rodon, why Gio Urshela is no sure thing to be on the team next week, and the state of the 40-man roster as the offseason kicks into gear.

Direct download: Should_the_Twins_Go_All-In_For_a_Pitcher.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:57am EST

Aaron and John talk about what kind of contract they would offer Carlos Correa, the free-agent shortstop market, John being a jinx at the World Series, and Miguel Sano's Twins legacy.

Direct download: How_much_it_too_much_for_Correa.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:17pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' biggest offseason needs, Carlos Correa vs. Carlos Rodon, the hiring of new head trainer Nick Paparesta, and sending the Bonneses to Philadelphia for the World Series, with a cameo by Dan Hayes.

Direct download: Twins_Offseason_To-Do_List.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 4:00pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' payroll and spending room going into 2023, what to do with Gio Urshela and Max Kepler, watching the Yankees face non-Twins opponents in the playoffs, dropping players from the 40-man roster, and Carlos Correa dominating the Diamond Awards.

Direct download: Ep_600.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:18pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins firing their trainer and not firing any coaches, the latest on Carlos Correa, reviewing our preseason over/under picks, filling out our team MVP ballots, and why a "good offer" can be subjective.

Direct download: Trainers-over-unders-twins-mvps.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:53am EST

Aaron and John say goodbye to a disappointing Twins season and look ahead to a crucial offseason, plus Luis Arraez's batting title, Carlos Correa's opt-out, which young pitchers can be counted on, and why rebuilding simply isn't an option.

Direct download: Ep_598_Turning_the_Page.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:24am EST

John is in London and Aaron is in Minneapolis to talk about the Twins limping to the finish line, Rocco Baldelli and Derek Falvey returning in 2023, Byron Buxton's surgery, Dave St. Peter's comments about payroll and attendance, and what, exactly, is sold at the Dior store.

Direct download: Ep_597.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 9:59am EST

Aaron and John discuss the Twins late season collapse, what it means for the future, and whether the Falvey/Levine regime has been a success or failure.

Direct download: Ep_596.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 2:05pm EST

Aaron and John take stock of the Twins and their playoff chances just prior to the big five-game showdown versus the Guardians.

Direct download: Ep_595_High_Noon_in_Cleveland.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:26am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' series in New York and upcoming showdowns vs. Cleveland, Louie Varland's debut, Tyler Mahle's odd injury, Carlos Correa's first signature Twins moment, and why counting on help from injured players is always wishful thinking.

Direct download: Ep_594_Escape_from_New_York.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:05pm EST

Aaron and John talk about another streaky week on the Twins rollercoaster, including the magic of Jhoan Duran, Tyler Mahle being ready to return, September call-ups Billy Hamilton and Austin Davis, Nick Gordon and Jake Cave as saviors, and what to make of Carlos Correa in clutch spots.

Direct download: September_Starts.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:26pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins' first extended losing streak of the season, why the lineup has vanished at the worst possible time, injury updates on Byron Buxton and Tyler Mahle, and how the new MLB schedule will probably hurt the AL Central.

Direct download: Ep_592_Abandon_Ship.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:22am EST

Aaron and John talk about Tyler Mahle's shoulder problems, why the Wild Card standings are now very relevant for the Twins, Sonny Gray and other starters the third time through lineups, missing Kyle Garlick, and Caleb Thielbar saving everyone's butts.

Direct download: Ep_591_Knocking_On_Wood.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:34am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins falling out of first place, Rocco Baldelli's ejection, releasing Tyler Duffey but not Emilio Pagan, the need for Carlos Correa and veteran pitchers to produce, Alex Kirilloff's wrist surgery, and Byron Buxton's knee injury.

Direct download: Ep_590.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:53am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' deadline day trades for Tyler Mahle, Jorge Lopez, and Michael Fulmer, why giving Emilio Pagan and Tyler Duffey more chances to blow leads is a bad idea, the likely end of the Miguel Sano Era, and ever-ending outfield injuries.

Direct download: Ep_589_Going_For_It.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:03pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' obvious need for pitching help at the trade deadline, the difference between good value and good players, how many current pitchers can be trusted in the playoffs, never-ending injuries knocking out Josh Winder, Bailey Ober and Jorge Alcala, and why no one actually wants to live in a $60,000 house.

Direct download: Ep_588_Will_They_or_Wont_They.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:58am EST

Aaron and John frame the upcoming trade deadline season by going through both obscure and obvious trade targets for the Twins, such as Luis Castillo, Frankie Montas and David Robertson, and what it will cost the team.

Direct download: Ep_587_2022_Twins_Trade_Targets.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:23pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins ending the first half on a low note, the need for pitching help before the trade deadline, Ryan Jeffers' thumb surgery, Miguel Sano's ticking clock, and why Brooks Lee and Connor Prielipp were a best-case scenario on draft day.

Direct download: Ep_586_Limping_Into_The_Break.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:44pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the Twins' growing divisional lead, the latest bullpen implosions, and how soon fans can expect some relief.

Direct download: Ep_585_Zen_and_the_Art_of_Bullpen_Patience.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:15am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' bullpen meltdowns in Cleveland, the shocking departure of pitching coach Wes Johnson for LSU, and why the need for more relief talent is a bigger issue than anything else.

Direct download: Ep_584_Bullpen_Blech.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:23am EST

Aaron and John discuss how the Twins can "Find a Reliever," Byron Buxton's knee injury, and more about the "drunken bar fight" series versus Cleveland.

Direct download: Ep_583_First_Place_But.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:54am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' eight upcoming games vs. the Guardians, Royce Lewis' torn ACL and the future at shortstop, when Alex Kirilloff will return from crushing Triple-A, the domino effect of the rotation getting healthier, and how ready the world is to see more of John Bonnes dancing.

Direct download: Ep_582_Showdown_with_Cleveland.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:53am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins-Yankees series, Byron Buxton breaking out of his slump in a huge way, the state of the bullpen, how close the rotation is to getting healthy, why the lineup is showing good signs against high-end pitchers, and Josh Donaldson's return to Minnesota.

Direct download: Ep_581_Damn_Yankees_2022_Edition.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:24am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' ugly series in Detroit, the unvaccinated players skipping the series in Toronto, Royce Lewis avoiding another worst-case scenario, and Jhoan Duran's role in the bullpen.

Direct download: Ep_580_Covid_and_Totonto_Trip.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:23am EST

Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton's slump, the vibes in the Twins clubhouse, taking the long-term view with short-term decisions, Devin Smeltzer's place on the roster, and telling managers about promo codes.

Direct download: Ep_579_The_Gong_Show.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:19am EST

Aaron and John talk about Carlos Correa returning, Royce Lewis being sent back to Triple-A, Byron Buxton getting days off, Alex Kirilloff trying to get right in St. Paul, and Chris Paddack having elbow surgery.

Direct download: Ep_578_Lewis_Buxton_and_Kirilloff.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:56am EST

Aaron and John talk about Chris Paddack's elbow problem, Yennier Cano's debut, the Twins getting swept by the Astros, the roster having a Triple-A feel because of so many injuries, the odds of Royce Lewis sticking around, and Alex Kirilloff's struggles.

Direct download: Ep_577_Horse_Memes_and_Flushing_It.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:44am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' streak of one-run wins, Carlos Correa's injury and Royce Lewis' debut, Jose Miranda stepping in for Miguel Sano, Gilberto Celestino swimming instead of sinking, and Josh Winder and Jhoan Duran remaking the pitching staff on the fly.

Direct download: Ep_576.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:46pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' rise to first place in the AL Central, Aaron's return from the injured list, Jose Miranda's big-league debut, Miguel Sano's knee injury, Jhoan Duran's first chance in the closer role, and how this team is starting to resemble the early 2000s version.

Direct download: Ep_575_First_Place_Seriously.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:49am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' ongoing hitting issues, Byron Buxton's return, Joe Ryan's slider, Nick Gordon's upside, Jhoan Duran's new bullpen role, and Lewis Thorpe's release.

Direct download: Ep_574_Throwing_Smoke_and_Slinging_Sliders.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:49am EST

Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton's knee injury, Alex Kirilloff's wrist injury, Trevor Larnach's return to the majors, Jhoan Duran's future role, and Clayton Kershaw's perfect game that was never going to happen.

Direct download: Ep_573_Buxton_and_Kirilloff_Deja_Vu.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:28pm EST

Aaron and John compare notes on the Minnesota Twins' opening weekend, including Byron Buxton's superhero origin story, the surprising trade of Taylor Rogers, and Gary Sanchez's redemption tour. 

Direct download: Ep_572_Opening_Weekend.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 9:47am EST

Aaron and John evaluate the addition of Chris Archer, speculate on the Minnesota Twins' final roster moves, and then give their over/under picks on the American League teams, including the Twins' 2022 win total. 

Direct download: Ep_571_Season_Preview.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 5:59pm EST

Aaron and John recap all things Carlos Correa, wonder if help is still coming for the Twins' rotation, and discuss other notes from spring training.

Direct download: Carlos_Correa_Arrives.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:42am EST

Aaron and John (from Dublin!) recap a wild week of Twins moves, including trading away Josh Donaldson, Mitch Garver, and Chase Petty, and look ahead to the remaining moves that could/should be coming, from Trevor Story and Frankie Montas to uncertain pivot plans.

Direct download: Ep_569_Thats_what_the_money_is_for.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:02pm EST

Aaron and John (live from a moving ferry!) talk about the long-awaited end of the MLB lockout, the upcoming start of the Twins' season, and the many changes to the CBA, big, small, and unintended.

Direct download: Ep_568_Play_Ball.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:16am EST

Aaron and John (from Scotland!) talk about MLB canceling Opening Day, how the lockout puts Royce Lewis and the Twins in a tough spot, why the Rule 5 draft could be in jeopardy, and whether the Twins or the Timberwolves are ready to do more winning.

Direct download: Ep_567_Vainlla_Cupcake.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 2:52pm EST

Aaron and John revert back to their normal roles while evaluating the potential delay of the MLB season, weigh options for an extended postseason, and discuss the Twins' prospects who are getting extra attention this year in spring training. 

Direct download: Ep_566_Teachers_Pets_and_Ticking_Clocks.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:35am EST

Aaron and John talk about a critical week for CBA negotiations, the 10th anniversary and initial reaction to Twins Daily, how underdogs win championships too, and variations in Twins' prospect rankings.

Direct download: Ep_565_Baseball_Soon.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:53am EST

Aaron and John review ZIPS' projections for the AL Central, discuss Byron Buxton's career path and wonder how close we are to spring training. 

Direct download: Ep_564_Projecting_the_AL_Centralv2.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:05pm EST

Aaron and John take The Athletic's Twins fan survey and review the results, plus talk about the signings of Tim Beckham and Daniel Robertson.

Direct download: Ep_563_Taking_the_Minnesota_Twins_Fan_Survey.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:14am EST

Aaron and John discuss David Ortiz's election into MLB's Hall of Fame, what offseason starting pitching trades look like, the rhetoric surrounding a nerd being named the Vikings new GM, and why Aaron is once again excited about an in-person event. 

Direct download: Ep_562.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:56am EST

Aaron and John discuss the additions of Cesar Tovar, Ron Gardenhire and Dan Gladden to the Twins Hall of Fame, along with where "prospects plus" rank in the prospect hierarchy and the disturbing lack of absolutes present in following a career path.

Direct download: Ep_561.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:06pm EST

Aaron and John discuss Aaron's rankings of the Twins' 40 top prospects. 

Direct download: Ep_560_Twins_Top_Prospects.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:55am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' best path to building a better bullpen, the New York Times buying The Athletic and what it means, and why so many starter prospects become relievers. 

Direct download: Ep_559.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:14pm EST

Aaron and John compile clips of their favorite Patreon podcast interviews with Glen Perkins, Parker Hageman, Patrick Reusse, Dan Hayes, and Betsy Helfand.

For access to the full Patreon podcast archive, subscribe here: patreon.com/gleeman

Direct download: Ep_558_Best_of_Patron_Interviews.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:01pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the pros and (mostly) cons of rebuilding, the Minnesota Twins current starting rotation, and the Church of Baseball.

Direct download: Ep_557_Th_Myth_of_the_Rebuild.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:48pm EST

Aaron and John discuss Tony Oliva and Jim Kaat entering the Hall of Fame, the Minnesota Twins' new coaching hires, and what the team's strategy should be when the offseason restarts.

Direct download: Ep_556_HOF_and_Scratch_and_Dent.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:40pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the Twins inking Byron Buxton to a 7-year extension, signing starting pitcher Dylan Bundy, and sitting on their hands as the free agent starting pitching market dries up.  

Direct download: Ep_555_Buxton_Bundy_and_Bupkis.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:34pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the growing urgency of Byron Buxton's situation, the dwindling free agent starting pitching market, the likelihood of the Twins signing a top shortstop, and pending arbitration decisions.

Direct download: Ep_544_Lockout_Coming.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 2:54pm EST

Aaron and John discuss Jose Berrios' new contract, Byron Buxton's contract negotiations, the Twins' 40-man roster moves, and share audio of their discussion with Patrick Reusse about Billy Martin's most notorious dust-ups.

Direct download: Ep_553.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:33pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' shortstop options, including a star-studded free agent class and possible trade targets, plus the first front-line free agent pitcher goes off the board to a division rival.

Direct download: Ep_552_Free_Agent_Shortstops.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:23pm EST

Aaron and John discuss the hiring of recently dismissed San Diego Padres manager Jayce Tingler as the Twins' bench coach, the departure of Alex Colome, the waiver claim pickup of reliever Jharel Cotton, and which prospects the Twins should protect to guard against the Akil Baddoo snafu. 

Direct download: Ep_551_Jayce_Tingler_Era.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:11pm EST

Aaron and John break down the free agent starting pitcher market into four tiers, discuss the Twins hiring 31-year-old David Popkins as their new hitting coach, welcome Parker Hageman for a cameo about Joe Ryan, and talk about the McDonald's dollar menu for some reason.

Direct download: Ep_550_Parker_and_Pitchers_96_kbs.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:26pm EST

Aaron and John talk about eight players the Minnesota Twins could look to trade this offseason, Eddie Rosario's great October, and which areas the Twins absolutely must address this winter.

Direct download: Ep_549_On_The_Trading_Block.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:45am EST

Aaron and John set the stage for the offseason with a 360-degree discussion of  the Twins' payroll: how high their budget should be, the arbitration and contract decisions they need to make, trade candidates that could free up more money, and how much fans can expect them to spend this offseason. 

Direct download: Ep_548.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:15pm EST

Aaron and John discuss Twins' coaching staff changes and 40-man roster cuts, and then review their preseason over-under picks.

Direct download: Ep_547_2021_Over-Under_Review.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:03am EST

Aaron and John talk about the final week of the Twins' disappointing season, avoiding 90 losses, Byron Buxton's amazing present and uncertain future, Derek Falvey's comments about the offseason plans, and coaching changes on the horizon.

Direct download: Ep_546.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:20am EST

Aaron and John talk about the future of the AL Central, Joe Ryan's 11-strikeout game, Justin Morneau's Twins Hall-of-Fame induction and which Twins' relievers will play a role in the 2022 bullpen. 

Direct download: Ep_545.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 12:46pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Joe Ryan avoiding a serious injury, Andrelton Simmons not being allowed into Canada, how this year's team compares to 1990 and 1986, Ryan Jeffers vs. Mitch Garver at catcher, and the 100th version of the same conversation about Miguel Sano.

Direct download: Ep_544.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 7:26pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Joe Ryan's first impression, Nick Gordon's future role, Jovani Moran's upside, Byron Buxton's power display, and the difference between tanking and just being really bad.

Direct download: Ep_543.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:28am EST

Aaron and John discuss Kenta Maeda's Tommy John surgery, Joe Ryan's debut, Randy Dobnak's return, the Twins' offseason payroll situation, and how all of the above impacts the rebuild of the team's starting rotation. 

Direct download: Ep_542.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 1:25pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton's return, Kenta Maeda's elbow surgery and where it leaves the 2022 rotation, Joe Ryan's odds of being a September call-up, Josh Donaldson's impossible task, and Miguel Sanó doing it again.

Direct download: Ep_541.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:02am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' winning ways predictably coming to an end vs. the Yankees, Trevor Larnach's demotion, Kenta Maeda's latest injury, Byron Buxton's impending return, the end of Bonnes' month-long road trip, and Joe Ryan's post-trade debut.  

Direct download: Ep_540.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:14am EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins winning three straight series vs. first-place teams, Nelson Cruz being back weirdly soon, Byron Buxton's impending return, the 1991 World Series team reunion, Michael Pineda's injury, and why Andrelton Simmons is still on the roster.

Direct download: Ep_539.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:15pm EST

John joins Aaron from his baseball road trip in Houston, and the two discuss Jorge Polanco's resurgence, the Twins' decisions around veteran and rookie playing time, Josh Donaldson's injury status, and MLB's ratings and streaming problems.

Direct download: Ep_538_Live_From_Houston.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:41am EST

Aaron and John discuss the Twins' trade deadline moves, including trading away Jose Berrios, and what it means for the future of the team.

Direct download: Ep_537.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:14pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton turning down the Twins' contract offer, Nelson Cruz being traded to Tampa Bay, Alex Kirilloff's season-ending surgery, and what's ahead in what figures to be a drama-filled week leading up to the MLB trade deadline.

Direct download: Ep_536.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:29pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Minnesota Twins' contract negotiations with Byron Buxton, a terrible series in Detroit, Mitch Garver's return from the injured list, Josh Donaldson's trade value, and J.A. Happ's continued presence in the rotation.

Direct download: Ep_535_Will_the_Twins_Extend_Buxton.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:42am EST

After one of the more exciting wins of the season, Aaron and John discuss the state of the team, Josh Donaldson trade rumors, Nelson Cruz's health, Mitch Garver's return, and the players the Twins selected in the first round of MLB's draft.

Direct download: Ep_534.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:52am EST

Aaron and John recap Josh Donaldson's eventful week and evaluate whether he and several other Twins will be traded before the deadline. 

Direct download: Ep_532_Twins_Most_Likely_To_Be_Traded.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 11:58am EST

Aaron and John talk about Byron Buxton's latest injury, whether or not the Twins are playing well enough to change the arc of the season, eating Josh Donaldson's contract, the long-term pitching outlook taking a bad turn, and Bonnes' upcoming stand-up comedy debut.

Direct download: Ep_532.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:11pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins sweeping Texas, Byron Buxton's long-awaited return, Josh Donaldson and Nelson Cruz getting hurt, rebuilding vs. reloading, and the rash of pitching prospect injuries.

Direct download: Episode_531_Reloading_vs_Rebuilding.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:05pm EST

Aaron and John come to grips with the lost season for the Twins and what that means for the trade deadline, plus the latest on Byron Buxton and Kenta Maeda, a breakdown of Rocco Baldelli's controversial bullpen moves, and MLB's ongoing foreign substance controversy

Direct download: FINAL_EP_530.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:30pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' underwhelming 13-game stretch heading into series against the Yankees and Astros, Gilberto Celestino and Ryan Jeffers joining a prospect-filled roster because of more injuries, and which players are prime trade candidates between now and the July 30 deadline.

Direct download: Ep_529_final.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:15pm EST

Aaron and John discuss a sour ending to a good week, the Twins' continued roster shuffling, a second generation of Gleeman and the Geek listeners and the heartening play of Trevor Larnach and Alex Kirilloff. 

Direct download: Ep_528.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:56pm EST

Aaron and John talk about Miguel Sano's latest season-saving homer binge, the Twins' never-ending injury bug hitting Kenta Maeda and half the lineup, the silliness between Willians Astudillo and Yermin Mercedes, and why the next two weeks are absolutely essential if the Twins are going to turn things around.

Direct download: ep_527_final.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:04pm EST

Aaron and John talk about another frustrating week for the Twins filled with blown opportunities and injuries, plus Miguel Sano's big moment, Donaldson's big error, Alexander Colomé's march back, early impressions of Trevor Larnach, and the point of no return.

Direct download: Ep_526.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 10:39am EST

Aaron and John talk about the historic ineptitude of the Twins' bullpen, injuries knocking out Byron Buxton and Alex Kirilloff, calling up Trevor Larnach ahead of schedule, and what the future holds for Miguel Sano in Minnesota.

Direct download: Final_5-9.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:04pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins up and down week, signs of life from the lineup, the impact of Alex Kirilloff, Byron Buxton's number porn and what to do with Alex Colome. 

Direct download: FINAL_5-2.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:17pm EST

Aaron and John talk about the Twins digging an even bigger hole, Alex Kirilloff's arrival, why the team needs Andrelton Simmons back, the math behind Byron Buxton's signature moments, why Nick Gordon came up to sit on the bench, Alexander Colome vs. Ron Davis, and Mitch Garver vs. Ryan Jeffers.

Direct download: FINAL_04-25-2021.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:13pm EST

Aaron and John talk about one of the weirdest weeks in Twins history, what happens next following multiple positive COVID tests and canceled games, the domino effects of Josh Donaldson's return, why it might be time for Alex Kirilloff's arrival, and the 60/40 nature of baseball decisions.

Direct download: 4-18_final.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:08pm EST

Aaron and John talk about amazing starts for Byron Buxton, Nelson Cruz, and Luis Arraez, not-so-amazing starts for Jorge Polanco, Alexander Colome, and Miguel Sano, the maddening nature of extra-inning losses in 2021, Josh Donaldson's impending return, and GatG's return to KFAN.

Direct download: Final_Version.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:27pm EST

Aaron and John talk about a very good opening weekend for the Twins that was almost great, Josh Donaldson's latest leg injury, Byron Buxton's scary power, Jose Berrios vs. Corbin Burnes, Luis Arraez the hitting machine, and the state of the bullpen.

Direct download: Ep_520.mp3
Category:Baseball -- posted at: 8:58pm EST

Aaron and John dissect the latest Twins' news, break down the team, their concerns and hopes, and give their official predictions on the number of Twins' wins.  

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Aaron and John preview the American League by dissecting Vegas' over/under win totals for each team. 

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Aaron and John talk about the return of 10,000 fans to Target Field, Randy Dobnak's new slider, Jake Odorizzi's deal with the Astros, some Tyler Duffey worries, and the latest on Josh Donaldson, Andrelton Simmons, and J.A. Happ.

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Aaron and John talk about potential Byron Buxton and Jose Berrios contract extensions, Jake Odorizzi signing with the Astros, Trevor Larnach as an underrated prospect, Andrelton Simmons reporting to camp, and the Twins' late-inning bullpen plan.

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Aaron and John talk about Royce Lewis' knee injury, the Twins' first spring training game and the presence of fans at the ballpark, Alex Kirilloff's chances of being on the Opening Day roster, Lewis Thorpe's improved outlook, and why Jake Odorizzi is still unsigned.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins filling out the rotation with Matt Shoemaker, how another option changes Lewis Thorpe's outlook, details of the Saints' first season as a Twins affiliate, Luis Arraez in left field, low-maintenance individuals, and Sergio Romo signing with Oakland.

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