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Aug 31, 2011

Aaron and John talk about Justin Morneau's latest setback, package kicking, possible free agent targets, Anthony Swarzak's future role, next season's middle infield, disabled list shenanigans, Brian Dozier's moment in the sun, Danny Valencia's view from the doghouse, what John ate at the state fair, more possible free agent targets, botching Occam's razor, speaking directly to Seth Stohs, betting on Nick Blackburn, and Aaron's basketball career.

almost thirteen years ago

It is fun to listen to you guys while I am working on my computer. I hope you will continue to do this show. I like the chemistry between you. Neither of you dominate the conversation or direction, you can disagree in a friendly way, and most importantly, you stay on task. You tend to stick with baseball talk, not other crap, which is why I like to listen in the first place. You knowledge of current Twins as well as the history is on full display and it shines.

Personally, I disagree about your criticism of Valencia. Not because I think he played well this (he didn't), but because almost the rest of the entire roster is more unstable and unproductive than 3rd base. If the 3rd base situation was the biggest thing to whine about, it would be a good team.

I really don't know how you can stay positive. When you really sit down and analyize position by position, the lack of minor league help, etc, it looks like a complete disaster.

I would be in the fire Bill Smith immediately camp. I think he has caused enough harm to my favorite team and has over and over again, proven he is in over his head. He is not capable of repairing the damage he has caused and will make it worse. I just know this to be true and it saddens me.

Anyway, thanks guys