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Gleeman and The Geek

Oct 27, 2011

In part two of the super-sized show Aaron and John go through an offseason blueprint for the Twins, argue about Ron Gardenhire's stance on platooning hitters, imitate Bill Smith, analyze Aaron's sexiness levels, and close down a bar.

Chris Forbrook
eleven and a half years ago

Guys--I will first say that I appreciate your knowledge of baseball and your discussion of topics I don't often see, but please, edit out, or simply refrain from, bickering for 20 minutes on a topic that neither of you are adding anything additional to, only repeating the same point again and again. It's a real turn-off (and I figure you two would admit you got a bit out of hand, too). So, that's my two cents--keep up the great work, wish you guys all the best, and figure out a way to come to a truce (in reasonable time) on issues that you simply cannot agree on. Thanks.