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Sep 30, 2014

Aaron and John have a late-night breakfast at Mason's and digest the news that Ron Gardenhire has been dismissed by the Twins. 

PDX Twin
almost ten years ago

Thx for posting the emergency broadcast. Perfect time on west coast for recap. Regarding "MN nice" reluctance to purge, it is time to move on: -90 x 4 = fired.

A nice out-of-blackout-area advantage on MLB.TV is you get to watch the opposing teams' broadcasts (sorry Dick & Bert) who often questioned Twins moves, including the lack of infield shifts. So fear continues on how big of "a piece" stats will count with the new job posting.

One final Gardenhire thought: If/since R.G. didn't believe in platoons, why did he keep bringing late-inning lefty relievers in to face single RH batters?

Thanks again G&G.