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Dec 21, 2011

Aaron and John talk about swapping Michael Cuddyer for Josh Willingham, Jason Kubel's departure, Christmas vs. Hanukkah, projecting the Twins' lineup, outfield defense, how to use the leftover payroll on pitching, a Ben Revere-Trevor Plouffe platoon, first impressions of Ricky Rubio, and what not to drink at a party.

Erik Sheltad
twelve and a half years ago

I really enjoy your podcasts. I would love to be sitting there enjoying a cold adult beverage with you listening to this and possibly adding something. Your last podcast (willingham, etc) that I listenend to you mentioned to comment on itunes about it and I couldn't figure out how to do that. Keep it going. It's good. It's what we need. Baseball is the only sport I care about. and keep educating us on the stat stuff. I love it.

Montevideo, MN