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Oct 7, 2012

The Minnesota Twins blow up their coaching staff, so Seth Stohs joins Aaron and John to talk about Ron Gardenhire's leash, the TwinsCentric Offseason Handbook, what the shopping plans are for free agent pitching, casting ballots for team MVP, why no one seems to want Paul Molitor, the futures of Trevor Plouffe and Liam Hendriks, how to lessen the upcoming outfield logjam, and why long podcasts are the best podcasts.

eleven and a half years ago

I just wanted to say thanks for all hard work you guys do. I moved away from Twins Territory a few years back and have not missed a beat with your podcasts and writings. The fact that you have kept me interested in the Twins the last couple years, despite their awful performance, is a testament to the passion and knowledge you bring. Keep up the great work.