Aaron and John talk about the Twins' ugly series loss to the Yankees, trade deadline targets big and small, Trevor May moving into a setup role, Byron Buxton being out longer than expected, Johnny Cueto coming to the AL Central, why Danny Santana is getting so much leeway, Yankees-loving girlfriends, Ervin Santana missing the playoffs, and being naked and cold.

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Aaron and John get together for a midweek, podcast-only episode to talk about the Twins lusting after Troy Tulowitzki, the ups and downs of midseason trades since 2000, making your face look good with Harry's razors, which prospects have the potential to make everyone sad, misremembering Doug Mientkiewicz, having beer on the rooftop patio at LynLake Brewery, and mailbag questions from listeners.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins' rough start to the second half, Miguel Sano's ankle injury, Glen Perkins' imperfection, potential trade deadline targets, the appeal of fixing from within, where to bat Brian Dozier in the lineup, what to do with a struggling Kurt Suzuki, television ratings, and being confident in not collapsing.

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Aaron and John review the Twins' remarkable first half, including team their MVP ballots and player-by-player breakdowns, plus plenty of fawning about Miguel Sano.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins calling up Miguel Sano for his MLB debut, Ervin Santana joining the rotation after an 80-game suspension, demoting Trevor May to the bullpen instead of Mike Pelfrey or Tommy Milone, reviewing the St. Paul Saints' new ballpark, Alex Meyer's quick return to Triple-A, Jose Berrios and Jorge Polanco moving one step closer, and why singing on a podcast is generally a bad idea.

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