Aaron and John talk about the Twins' biggest offseason needs, Carlos Correa vs. Carlos Rodon, the hiring of new head trainer Nick Paparesta, and sending the Bonneses to Philadelphia for the World Series, with a cameo by Dan Hayes.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins' payroll and spending room going into 2023, what to do with Gio Urshela and Max Kepler, watching the Yankees face non-Twins opponents in the playoffs, dropping players from the 40-man roster, and Carlos Correa dominating the Diamond Awards.

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Aaron and John talk about the Twins firing their trainer and not firing any coaches, the latest on Carlos Correa, reviewing our preseason over/under picks, filling out our team MVP ballots, and why a "good offer" can be subjective.

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Aaron and John say goodbye to a disappointing Twins season and look ahead to a crucial offseason, plus Luis Arraez's batting title, Carlos Correa's opt-out, which young pitchers can be counted on, and why rebuilding simply isn't an option.

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John is in London and Aaron is in Minneapolis to talk about the Twins limping to the finish line, Rocco Baldelli and Derek Falvey returning in 2023, Byron Buxton's surgery, Dave St. Peter's comments about payroll and attendance, and what, exactly, is sold at the Dior store.

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