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Jan 31, 2022

Aaron and John discuss David Ortiz's election into MLB's Hall of Fame, what offseason starting pitching trades look like, the rhetoric surrounding a nerd being named the Vikings new GM, and why Aaron is once again excited about an in-person event. 

Jan 24, 2022

Aaron and John discuss the additions of Cesar Tovar, Ron Gardenhire and Dan Gladden to the Twins Hall of Fame, along with where "prospects plus" rank in the prospect hierarchy and the disturbing lack of absolutes present in following a career path.

Jan 17, 2022

Aaron and John discuss Aaron's rankings of the Twins' 40 top prospects. 

Jan 10, 2022

Aaron and John talk about the Twins' best path to building a better bullpen, the New York Times buying The Athletic and what it means, and why so many starter prospects become relievers. 

Jan 2, 2022

Aaron and John compile clips of their favorite Patreon podcast interviews with Glen Perkins, Parker Hageman, Patrick Reusse, Dan Hayes, and Betsy Helfand.

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